Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting close to everything

This past weekend I made my first lens rental! I rented a Nikkor 105mm macro lens and I was in heaven! I especially wanted to try water drop photography and photograph insects and bugs. First, I had to do refresh myself on the research I had already done so I revisited David Hobby's Strobist blog to check out his post on How to Photograph Water Drops with One Speedlight and I went on Youtube to rewatch Gavin Hoey's (a.k.a. PhotoGavin) video called How to photograph a splash of water which you can find also embedded on the Strobist article. I made my setup pretty much just like Gavin's. I took hundreds of photos and then sat down to review them all and this is one of my favorites from this weekend.

Macro Water Drop

This shot was created using my Nikon D40 with the SB-600 flash fired off camera at 1/16 power using the SC-29 TTL remote cord, left of the water drop, onto the background.

I spent the enitre weekend taking advantage of the lens.  I was looking for anything that I thought would look good close up.  I've also created a Flick set called Macro.  I'm crossing my fingers that I'll make it a part of my arsenal in the near future. I've found a new love in macro photography. ♥♥

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