Monday, January 17, 2011


Got a great photo coming. Might be a late might in Vegas. Check back in the morning.

Ok it's morning now & I finally got the picture uploaded.

Day 17/365: Eye in the Sky from Paris

Whew! I finally got this photo uploaded! It's past 3 am now that I'm updating this blog...been trying for two hours. You can read the rant over on my blog.

Anyway, I took the Eiffel Tower incredible view from the Eiffel Tower from the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. Their Eiffel Tower is 50 stories high, half the nearly 100 stories of the real Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect. I went around the entire observation deck to capture every angle and this was the shot I loved the best.

I moved to a different hotel which offers free wireless and I thought my uploading problems would be over but I was completely wrong! When I turned on wireless connection, Nikon ViewNX couldn't open. Then when I finally figured out that problem, Google Chrome went into the dreadful "Not Responding" state so I had to open Firefox which did the same but it was better. So I got the photo uploaded, decided to update the blog, and now hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep. God night folks!


  1. Totally worth the trouble. So beautiful! It makes me think of warm nights in Vegas.

  2. Thanks Bea! This is one of my favorite pics from Vegas.


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