Friday, January 28, 2011


Day 28/365: Sunset at Morro Rock

Today I took a day trip to San Luis Obispo. I don't usually take the opportunity to venture up north so that's why I decided to go. I felt that my trip would not have been complete without catching a sunset at Morro Rock.

I started the day just driving around SLO earlier enough in the day before the traffic got on the road. I ended up at Avila Beach and the San Luis Port where I was able to get close to some sea lions. At first, I spotted them in the water from the pier. They were asleep together in a group just floating in the water. Then a lady told me that I could walk down to where they were sleeping on the bottom of the pier and she told me to be careful because they would bark at me. I also noticed the sign on the gate that said,"Be careful and don't get too close. Sea lions will bite you." They didn't bark at me at all and that made me feel special. haha

I headed into downtown San Luis Obispo where I overindulged at Powell's Sweet Shop. Don't worry. I won't be eating all of the candy by myself. I'll be sharing most of it. Time flew by as I walked through downtown and the next thing I knew, I was close to missing the sunset so I hurried over to Morro Bay which seemed like it would take forever to get to.

The first time I really paid attention to Morro Rock was when I went there with my friends Allen and Bea and I wasn't too pleased with the photos of Morro Rock I took on that trip. So I felt the trip would be incomplete without a visit to Morro Rock especially during sunset when my Flickr friend Beth Sargeant takes some of the most amazing photos of Morro Rock. I have to thank my friends Allen and Bea for taking me there once again because I totally overlooked The Rock years ago when I went to San Francisco.

Well, that was my day trip to SLO. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. The shot is gorgeous! I'm particularly fond of the ripples in the sand acting as leading lines. :)


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