Friday, February 25, 2011


Day 56/365: Barely and Finally!

I finally made it to Alaska, barely and finally! Yesterday was not a good day at all and this photo is not even close to being my best work. I had to grab this photo of the Alaska Airlines magazine after traveling for 23 hours! I was either in an airport or on a plane and on top of it all of that I got very sick ON the plane! Such a drag!!! It wasn't motion sickness but I don't know what it was.

We tried to go in for a landing at the Fairbanks Airport but the wind was blowing in at 25 mph and the turbulence was awful. The pilot tried to land the plane but the plane was rocking and shaking so much that it was impossible and he didn't have enough fuel to try again so we had to fly 45 minutes to Anchorage. We get to Anchorage and we have to sit there for about an hour. Then some people start to deboard the plane which takes longer because paperwork is associated with them leaving the plane. Finally we get back in the air and go back to Fairbanks with another pilot for another very rocky landing but when the plane finally, touched down, everyone clapped except for me because I was just trying to stay conscious. You could be eating right now so I'll spare you the details of my actual sickness. I'm feeling a bit better now so let me do what I came here to do. You'll see what that is through my pictures over the next few days.

So now, I'm going to try to suck it up, the sickness that is, and enjoy my vacation....hopefully.


  1. Sorry, you had a rough start to your vacation. Hope the rest of your vacation is filled with fun photo taking time. :)

  2. Thanks Bea. It did get better! Thankfully!


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