Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Day 39/365: Fire and Ice

Some like it hot. Some like it cold.

Strobist Info
SB-600, 85mm, 1/16 power, snooted 30 degrees left of the camera

Today, I wanted to get out and have some fun with my neutral density filter but I was so busy that I didn't have the time so I turned it into a Strobist night. My inspiration for this photo was from the way I was feeling tonight. I was thinking about a shot for hours, wore my brain out, put my elbows on my desk, dropped my head between my hands and just started massaging my temples. Then I said to myself in frustration, "I'm just like fire and ice. One minute I'm hot and the next minute I'm cold."

I always take hours brainstorming ideas for a photo for my Project 365 and I can never think of anything I like. Once I get so upset with myself that I just stop thinking at all, the idea pops into my head and then it only takes a few minutes to setup for the shot and then a few minutes to photograph the idea. I'm so glad that so far creativity and inspiration have arrived before 11:59 pm. :)

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