Sunday, February 6, 2011


Day 37/365: An Evening with Mussels

I watched a beautiful sunset today as I took this picture. This photo was taken at a beach along the US-101 in Santa Barbara County. It is a composite of two exposed for the sky and one exposed for the rocks and the water, both using a neutral density filter. I wanted to use my neutral density filter to capture the full shot in one exposure in camera but the neutral density filter I have didn't cut the light from the sun by enough f-stops for me to achieve that. Therefore, I had to take two exposures and combine them in Photoshop. Other edits in Photoshop include an Exposure Adjustment Layer, Brightness and Contrast Layer, sharpening, crop, and dust removal.

More specifically, here are my RAW image files and I've included the EXIF info for each picture.  The reason I've included it here is because I copied both RAW image files into a new document in Photoshop and Photoshop stores the information that the document is created and not the EXIF information for the shots.  Therefore, Flickr will not see the EXIF information on this image either.  Also, I was going to go back and re-upload the photo but the EXIF data would have only been representative of one of the exposures.  So here's the full EXIF info, edit info, and any other info your heart desires.  :)

This shot was exposed for the sky.  As you can see, I really need to clean my sensor which is definitely on my list of things to do and since I haven't done that yet, that's the reason that I need to do spot removal in Photoshop.  Exif Info for this photo: 0.8 s at f/22, ISO 200.  Date taken: Feb 6, 2011 5:31:58
This shot was the long exposure for the rocks and the water.  In both shots, the dark edges on the top and bottom are caused by my Lee filter holder.  At the 11mm focal length, the lens was able to see the edges of the filter holder and that's the reason for the crop I did in Photoshop.  Exif Info: 2.5 s at f/22, ISO 200.  Date taken: 5:33:08


  1. Thanks for the explanation. I've got to get photoshop one of these days. Beautiful image!

  2. You're welcome Katie. You can try GIMP. It's free and you can pretty much do the same thing as with Photoshop.


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