Sunday, March 6, 2011


Day 65/365: Alaska Souvenirs

These are just a few of my souvenirs...a mug from North Pole, moose salt & pepper shakers, and Moostard, a whole grain mustard. I am still getting over the food poisoning so I barely got this shot taken tonight. I am back home now but the plane ride was tough. I'm drinking lots of clear fluids to stay hydrated. Hopefully, I'll be completely over it by tomorrow.

Strobist Info:
SB-600, 35mm, full power, thru shoot thru umbrella


  1. Adorable moose shakers! What does the moosetard taste like?

  2. Thanks! That the main reason I bought them even though I already have salt and pepper shakers. hehe The Moosetard is a whole grain mustard that has sort of a nice smoky flavor. I really like it. They have different flavors and I'm thinking about ordering more online.


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