Sunday, April 3, 2011


Day 93/365: The Answer to Lost Luggage?

I know what you're thinking - how can she go from pictures of a beautiful vacation to this? Well, if you've ever flown on an airplane and dealt with any of our many "wonderful" airlines, you completely understand. Frontier and United Airlines took it upon themselves to change my first itinerary so that I would have a 5 hour layover on one leg of my flight without my approval. Expedia kindly accepted the change for me without asking also. I love how they just know I'll be alright with their changes. Any who, I called them and get them to change my flight. Of course, the attendant assures me that the 59 minute layover he's changed me to is a valid connection. By valid connection, he meant I would be able to get on the plane but my luggage would still have to endure the 5 hour layover. So I arrive in Bozeman with no luggage to speak of but they did deliver the bag to me promptly.

On my return flight, they schedule me for a 30 minute layover which means I have just enough time to uh, do nothing, except get myself to the next gate ASAP. Of course, my luggage doesn't get on the plane with me either and now, they have no idea when my luggage is going to arrive or where the 'H' it is. Excuse, the 'H' I'm kind of ticked even though I'd love to keep the blog G-rated.

So I talk to an attendant who assures my bag will arrive tonight which turns into, it might arrive tonight, which then turns into "Oh yes ma'am, the bag is already here." Then that turns into, "Well, you can't actually go pick it up from the airport because I can't guarantee that the bag's at the airport" to "Well, the airport closes at 8pm." Keep in mind, a flight just left SBA at 9:06 pm from the same airline that has no idea what's going on with my luggage.

Airlines. Should they all just change their names to something else? Like United could be Divided with a slogan of "We'll make sure to divide you from your luggage?" Or Delta. Well, Delta could keep their name and change their slogan to "We're going to overcharge you, but we're keeping the delta." I won't jump on them all because I really should wrap up this rant. My blog is supposed to be about photography but photography is sometimes my therapy as is evident in this photo.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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