Monday, April 11, 2011


Day 101/365: Cocktails Anyone?

Shooting tonight's photo was rather difficult and post processing it was even more difficult. First, I could verbalize the shot that I wanted but I could not imagine it in my head. Usually, it's the other way around. It was really weird. I got my hands on some dry ice and really wanted to play around with it before disposing of it.

The first problem with this shot was that I couldn't get the lighting on the background the way I wanted it to be. The second was getting the glass to overflow. I narrowed it down to two photos but even those photos were not my best in camera work so I really had to go to work in Photoshop. I'd rather have a great shot in camera and only enhance it in Photoshop. Tonight, I had to create a miracle.

After processing, I had two shots to choose from for my Project 365 - the one above and the one below.

Day 101/365: Outtake

I liked everything about the first shot except the glass was not overflowing like I wanted. Then I thought about the appeal of the glass without it overflowing. If someone handed me a glass that was overflowing, I wouldn't want to drink it until after it stopped but if someone handed me a glass like the one I chose, I would be more eager to drink it. It could just be my impatience.

I went back to the camera and the setup to get the second shot and I still had the problem of crummy lighting on the background but I couldn't fix it in post because I would lose the overflow that I tried so desperately to get. Even with cleaning up the background a little, there are still some problems around the bottom of the glass. I probably could have done more work in post to fix that but it still didn't have the clean look of the first one.

Now you know my thoughts, what do you think?

I finally just combined the two shots to create this one:

Day 101/365: Cocktails Anyone?

P.S. If you're going to try dry ice, research it before using. It can be dangerous stuff.

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