Sunday, April 17, 2011


Day 107/365: Earth Day

This is the first collage of photos of my 365 Project. This is a glimpse into Earth Day at Alameda Park in Santa Barbara. Earth Day reminded me a bit of a minor Woodstock and so I choose cross processing for these photos. The Banh Mi sandwich in the top left photo was so delicious! It was a nice event and I had a good time. I noticed today while I was working with my photos in Adobe Bridge that photos taken in Shutter Priority mode where listed as Auto in the EXIF data. Luckily, I didn't change the mode on my camera for the rest of the afternoon so I was confused by which mode the camera was in and if I popped my card back into my camera, it showed the right mode.

EXIF for each picture:
Top Left: Exposure: 1/125 @ f/9.0, ISO: 400, Mode: Manual
Bottom Left: Exposure: 1/200 @ f/9.0, ISO: 400, Mode: Manual
Right: Exposure: 1/200 @ f/9.0, ISO: 400, Mode: Shutter Priority

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