Saturday, May 28, 2011


Day 148/365: Inverted Colors

I was scratching my head tonight thinking of an idea for a photo while trying my best not to sit down and write my mojo an angry letter when I looked over and saw one of my water globes sticking in a plant that it hasn't been doing a good job of watering. It's not the fault of the globe - it's actually the fault of the person who should be putting water in it but I'm not calling any names - Lisa!

Anyway, the colors of this globe grabbed my attention. Out of sheer laziness, I didn't setup my strobes and grabbed the nearest white piece of paper I could find to use as a diffuser for my pop-up on-camera flash and took a few shots. The lighting was not half bad in camera but when I looked at the same photo on the screen, it just didn't do anything for me until I applied an invert adjustment layer in PS and viola!

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