Monday, May 23, 2011


Day 143/365: Coldy and Windy Day at the Beach

I did a photo shoot for my sister at the beach and this was one of my test shots while I was trying to achieve good lighting. She's looking like that because she said, "Hurry man!, It's cold!" And I said, "Just be quiet and tell me if the flash is firing!" It's how we talk to each other from time to time (mostly in times of frustration) but we love each other. haha

It was very windy so I didn't get a chance to use my softbox for the other photos.

Strobist Info:
- SB-600, 50mm, 1/1 power, thru 24" softbox, 6 ft high, 3ft away, camera left (you can actually see the setup in the shadows on the left)

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