Thursday, June 9, 2011


Day 160/365: At the End of a Switch

We've been having a good 'ole time - me, my macro lens, and my speedlight. We've become quite close in these past few photos. My macro lens and speedlight were tired of being overused for macro shots of water drops and I became extremely busy, distracted, and often grew bored. Then we went out on a date to rekindle our love for one another and I began to see us in a different light and I'm thinking my creative juices are starting to flow again or at least I hope.

While this shot is very simple, the thought process behind looking for different angles, getting the right light, and getting great bokeh was enough to make me remember why I love this pair all over again. :)

Strobist Info:
- SB-600, fired from on camera, TTL BL mode

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