Sunday, July 10, 2011


Day 191/365: Sunbelt Machinery

This is actually a pseudo HDR shot. I didn't combine multiple exposures. I just did some HDR toning on a single image. I used the Nikon SB-600 on camera to get this shot. I don't remember the setting of the flash so I can't share those. Sorry. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be on the road where this was so I stayed in the car in case someone came out yelling. I wasn't breaking any laws that I know of. It's a public road with a tiny industrial type building across the street but I still checked for no trespassing signs.

First, I applied a HDR Toning Image Adjustment in Photoshop using the More Saturated setting. Second, I duplicated the layer, changed the blending mode to Soft Light and applied a High Pass filter to bring out more of the detail. Then I pasted the original image on top as another layer and reduced the opacity to 50% and applied a Curves layer to brighten the photo a bit.

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