Saturday, August 13, 2011


Day 225/365: Horseback Riding on the Beach

This evening I was determined to captured a sunset after I missed the gorgeous sunset we had in Santa Barbara yesterday. Instead of going to one of my favorite spots, I went to a beach that I haven't shot before but one i visit often. As I was walking to an area to capture the sunset, I saw this man on a horse and just knew I had to capture him. He was actually riding by as I took this shot.

- I used HDR to capture the colors of the scene from 5 exposures from -2.0 to 2.0 and one exposure that was 2.33 (the 2.33 was an accident since I thought I had set my camera at 2). The photo of the guy was also used for the HDR so 7 exposures total. When removing ghosts in the HDR image, the man and the horse were removed in the final merge because they were considered ghosts since they weren't present in any of the other shots. I then had to add the man and the horse back in.

The outtake is below.

Day 225/365: The Full Moon Cruise (Outtake)

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