Thursday, January 6, 2011


Day 6/365: Lightly Whisk

Goal of this photo: Strobist Lighting 102 Assignment: Cooking Light

I spend hours on David Hobby's Strobist website and in the Strobist Flickr group. Visit his site and you'll see why. I am sort of skipping my way around and through Lighting 101 and 102. I've always been the type of student that flips through the book before buckling down on one lesson. I think it's because I've got to see the big picture before I actually commit to doing something. Sometimes I hate to start down a path and get to the end only to find out I took the wrong route. (Other times, the journey is much more fun than the destination so it doesn't really matter.) I hope that I've succeeded at the Cooking Light assignment. You know what would be really cool...David Hobby coming across my blog and letting me know if I did or not. I could just send him a message and ask him but they're not actively doing Lighting 102 at the moment and I'm sure he's super busy.

Guess what. Tomorrow, will be a week into my 365 Project! Hooray!

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