Monday, March 28, 2011


Day 87/365: Get the Lead Out!

I got this mechanical pencil the other day and knew I wanted to do something with it but couldn't think of anything. So today, I kept thinking about this pencil and was saying over and over in my head, "Pencil. Lead. Lead pencil."

Then I heard Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson saying, "Get the lead out, Weezy!"

Right after taking this shot, I started to not feel so well which made this shot even more ironic because George would say that to Weezy when he felt she was dragging (walking too slow) and I started dragging (lugging around) going to post process this photo so then that phrase became my motivation.

I shot this using two strobes but I don't remember the settings. Sorry no strobist info but I do know the post processing.

Edit Info:
- Exposure +1
- Darken text inside bubble
- Crop

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