Sunday, March 27, 2011


Day 86/365: Walt Disney Concert Hall

I finally decided to go get my sensor cleaned since I had a coupon to get a free cleaning in Los Angeles.  I get to the store and present the coupon and the guy tells me, "Sorry that coupon is only good during the week.  Sorry it doesn't say that on the coupon.  You're the third person today to come in here with that coupon!"  So I'm thinking, "Oh great!"  But no worries, I love Los Angeles anyway so going down there is a treat in and of itself.

I knew I wanted to take my photo of the day in Los Angeles and I knew just where I wanted to go.  After seeing my Flickr friend Neil's photo of the Brain Institute in Las Vegas, I knew there was only one building that could go toe to toe with the Brain Institute as far as design - the Walt Disney Concert Hall!

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Spot Removal
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