Saturday, March 12, 2011


Day 71/365: The Heavy Load

Yesterday, I spent all day looking for insects to photograph. I looked around my place, drove to parks, and came back empty handed when all along ants were scurrying around under my feet on the sidewalk.

Today, I decided to give them a shot and see what I could get from them. As you all know, ants are extremely fast and they don't stand around waiting for their picture to be taken. They've got work to do! But so did I! So I came up with a way that both of us could get our jobs done and not be in each other's way.

I evaluated their trail to see where would be the best place for me to kneel and snap some pictures of them doing what they do best. By the best place, I mean the best angle for the shot and out of their way. The last thing I wanted was ants crawling all over me as I'm trying to take their picture.

Day 71 Alternate: Ant Down

Getting that close to the ground means very awkward positions for your body so you had better stop being self conscious fast if you are.  If you've been into photography for a while, you've probably already crossed that bridge.  Another thing - I wanted to use my lens hood to stop myself from hitting the ground with my lens, even though my UV filter is on my lens, but with the lens hood, I couldn't get as close and I wanted to.  Most of the shots I took today were without the lens hood.  My two best shots probably aren't the sharpest, have the most detail, or the best lighting, but I am pleased with the shots I have today and I am still learning.

Same info for both shots:
Technical Info:
Shot handheld Nikkor 60mm micro with 68mm extension tubes

Strobist Info:
SB-600, fired above camera on top L camera bracket, 50mm, 1/2 power with homemade Sto-fen diffuser

Edit Info:
Text, Crop & Vibrance/Saturation in PS


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