Sunday, March 13, 2011


Day 72/365: Those who look for beauty find it.

Today, I went looking for beauty to photograph and I found it! I have seen these bushes with these flowers several times and as a whole, the bush is not very pretty to me at all. I decided to snip one of the flowers and studied it for a while to find the beauty in it to capture in a photograph.

Technical Info:
- Nikkor 60mm micro with 36mm extension tube

Strobist Info
- SB-600, 85mm, 1/16th -0.7 power, bare, pointed down on flower, positioned right of flower, camera directly above flower
- used snoot on flower left to reflect light back into the shadows of the flower's left side (used snoot because it's made with white Gaffer's tape and it was the closest to my hand at the time)

Edit Info:
- Auto adjustment in ACR

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