Friday, March 4, 2011


Day 63/365: Alaskan Art

This watercolor painting was done by Helen Jane Simeonoff and it hangs in my hotel room. Out of the three paintings in my room, this one captures my attention everyday so I decided to capture it for my 365.

This painting captures my attention because of the native Alaskan it captures and it makes me very curious to know about their history. I can imagine walking up to the person in this picture and having a conversation with them that I would always remember. I visited the museum on the campus of University of Alaska, Fairbanks but I only had an hour worth of time to visit the exhibits before I found out the museum was closing for the day. Even though the museum would be a great place to learn the history of a people, learning about a different culture/person from their personal experiences told through their own words in a conversation in priceless.

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