Thursday, March 3, 2011


Day 62/365: Rule of Sabanna

This is one of the ice sculptures sculpted from a single block of ice at the World Ice Art Championship. The name of this sculpture is Rule of Sabanna. What is not seen in this picture is that off to the right, 3 meerkats are watching the action. I didn't include the meerkats because the angle needed to include them was not an appealing angle to display the action of the kill. I like this sculpture because of how realistic it is. It was not that cold to me tonight probably because I was wrapped like a burrito or I'm getting used to Alaska's cold.

I also just realized today that I didn't set my camera for AKST so some of my photos appear to be taken on the wrong day. I changed my camera time to AKST today so hopefully thi s photo shows the correct time.

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