Sunday, June 26, 2011


Day 177/365: The Rainy Day Fund

I was watching Primal Fear the other night (and if you haven't seen it, you really should) and Richard Gere who's a lawyer has this to say to a reporter who is always asking him how he can do what he does.

Richard Gere: Come on, Connerman, ask it.
The reporter: Ask what?
Richard Gere: The question you wanted to ask me before.
The reporter: I don't understand, Mr Vail.
Richard Gere: "How can you defend someone if you know they did it?"
"How can you defend these scumbags?" Isn't that it?
All those coy questions, all that bull.
Bottom line is: "How can you do what you do?"
You think it's the money, don't you?
The money's nice. The money's very, very nice, Jack.
The first thing I ask a new client is:
"You been saving up for a rainy day?"
"Guess what? It's raining."

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